Dr. Ali Tavangar is a scholar of Islamic studies and Persian literature with an emphasis on mystical works in Farsi such as those of Rumi, Attar, Hafez and others. He obtained his doctoral degree in Iranian literature and Islamic studies from the University of Tehran, and subsequently has been a lecturer and researcher in this field for several decades. Among Dr. Tavangar’s primary research interests have been Iranian mystical works such as those of Rumi and Attar, as well as the fundamental unity between the core teachings of the world’s major religions as evidenced through a study of the various scriptural sources and books of commentary. In addition to his works and research on Iranian and Islamic topics, he has been engaged in an in depth study of the verities of the Baha’i Faith and has worked extensively with other scholars in studying original Baha’i texts.


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"It behoveth the people of Baha to render the Lord victorious through the power of their utterance and to admonish the people by their goodly deeds

and character, inasmuch as deeds exert greater influence than words."

– Baha'u'llah

The following are a few of Dr. Tavangar’s works:

Kashf'u'l-Asrar va Oddat'u'l-Abrar

• Member of the team of scholars in researching and preparing for publication a 10-volume in depth commentary on the Quran originally prepared by the 12th century AD Islamic scholar Khajeh Abdullah Ansari and authored by Abulfazl Rashid-Addin Meibodi. 

This work was researched by a team of scholars and published under the direction of Professor Ali Asghar Hekmat of Tehran University.

Maa'kheze' Ghessas va Tamsila'te' Mathnavi

  1. Member of the research team for the publication of a book on the sources of the stories in Rumi’s Mathnavi - This book was published under the direction of Professor Badi’u’zaman Forouzanfar.

A Collection of Poems by Qarra

• Researching, categorization and publication in Persian calligraphy, of a 392 page collection of poems by Mirza Husayn Tavangar (Qarra).

Javáhiru’l-Asrár(Gems of Divine Mysteries)

  1. Provisional translation of one of the major works by Baha’u’llah in Arabic.

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